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Foreign Trade and Customs Services

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we offer a comprehensive service framework that will meet all the needs of our customers with our team that specializes in creating customs transactions, global trade solutions and strategies. We become your solution partner with practical and strategic methods offered by our expert team for secure, cost-sensitive and seamless foreign trade transactions.

Customer Oriented Products and Services

In close cooperation with our customers, we are working to identify trade transactions that may be suitable for customs and trade, as well as to provide sustainable optimum solutions for the legislation and implementation of your transactions. In order to achieve these objectives, we establish the work flow processes as well as the planning of customs procedures and shape all the necessary services and products according to your needs.

AEO | Services

Authorized Economic Operator Status (AEO) Application

In order to benefit from effective and priority customs simplifications such as reliable firm status and green line, on-site customs clearance and use of 1% collateral in customs transactions, an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) application file should be prepared and applied to the Ministry of Commerce.

The preparation of your AEO application file and full compliance with the legislation requires expertise and knowledge of customs. The files prepared inadequately and far from the customs technique are rejected by the administration resulting in loss of labor, time and money.

With the Customs Chief Inspector and our customs oriented teams, Grant Thornton as Turkey prepares your files with customs technique, until the delivery of your document from the AEO application process, we manage the whole process in a thorough manner.

In this context, we provide the following services for our customers:

Filling in Annex-2 questionnaire,

Writing missing standards and business procedures,

Preparation of application files,

Application to the Regional Directorate,

Follow-up of applications at the General Directorate of Risk Control,

Welcoming the Inspector at your company and presenting your presentation together,

Submission of your document.

Authorized Economic Operator Status (AEO) Annual Report Preparation

The owners of the AEO carry out the customs procedures at the green line or at their own facilities. However, this should not be considered as a state of non-supervision. The owners of the AEO are obliged to submit all customs transactions and related records to the regional directorate within three months after each 12-month period.

We are working with experienced Customs Chief Inspectors.

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we determine the customs declarations and accounts that need to be examined by conducting risk analysis with the Customs Chief Inspectors that have more than 20 years of experience and the regulations that have mandated the examination of AEO. In addition to inspecting your customs procedures carried out within the scope of the AEO certificate, we submit their findings to the regional directorate by linking them to the annual report.

AEO | We Provide Authorized Obliged Status Application Trainings

In order for your application to be made at Grant Thornton Turkey, customs and supply chain training must be provided to your employees by your company. Grant Thornton as Turkey; we offer trainings in the comfort of your company with our instructor staff consisting of chief inspector, instructor and customs consultants.

 Compulsory Trainings To Be Repeated Every Year

The changing legislation and employee circulation reveal situations that may pose risks during the realization of foreign trade and customs transactions. In order to minimize these risks, it is obligatory to train the employees of the company on foreign trade and customs issues every year.

Compulsory Trainings To Be Repeated Every Three Years

Supply chain trainings are required every three years.

AEO |Authorized Economic Status File Update

The companies holding the AEO Certificate are obliged to update the Annex-2 questionnaire within three months after the end of the third 12-month period following the receipt of the certificate and submit it to the regional directorate. As Grant Thornton Turkey, our experienced team, updates your Annex-2 questionnaire within three months of the end of the 36th month following your document acquisition and presents it to the Ministry in a complete manner.

Certification Services

OKSB | Approved Person Status Certificate Application

Approved person status certificate holders benefit from the simplifications foreseen by the customs legislation. Blue line in export, use of partial collateral up to 1%, authorization of onboard delivery,simplified A.TR and EUR.1 allows the possibility to issue.  As Grant Thornton Turkey, before the Customs Department of Commerce, we submit your document in addition to preparing your OKSB file and making your application so that your company can be declared reliable and benefit from simplifications to the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

Pre-Control Risk Analysis Audit

The Ministry of Commerce oversees approximately 400 companies for subsequent inspection each year. Inspection authorities inspect your customs documents and records of these transactions at your facility according to the determined risk criteria.

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we audit your company to eliminate and minimize the consequences as well as to identify the risks that your company will face in future checks.

DIIB | Inward Processing Permit

Inward Processing Permit; is the customs regime in which the export of goods used within the customs duties during the importation of inputs to be connected to the guarantee of non-payment of customs duties and after the export of the guarantee is returned to the customs regime. In addition, it is possible to purchase domestically without paying VAT is also possible within the scope of the document.

With the advantage of not having to pay customs duties and importing without incurring VAT financing, your company has the opportunity to increase its exports. As Grant Thornton Turkey, we are successfully managing the acquisition, revision and closure of your DIIB’s.

YTB | Investment Incentive Certificate

It is an investment incentive system that exempts companies that will make new investments or expand their existing investments from taxes such as VAT advantage in domestic purchases, customs duties on imports, VAT, KKDF, which can provide tax cuts as much as the investment made, which contributes to social insurance premiums and bank interest.

Our Consulting Services

Freight Return Application

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we carry out the preparation of application files for the freight refunds made under DFIF and the receipt of the refunds.

Customs Duty Refund Application

We follow the process of returning the customs duties paid to the customs authorities, through our experts provided that they are applied within three years, even though they should not be paid.

Green Passport Application

Each year in the last three years, 1 million US dollars in exports to the companies 1, 10 million dollars in exports of two companies on average, twenty million dollars in the average export companies are entitled to three green passports.

 As Grant Thornton Turkey, we provide consultancy services to our clients in this process.

Collateral analysis

Facilitations such as lump-sum collateral, partial collateral and global collateral applied in customs relieve your company in terms of financing. AS Grant Thornton Turkey, we are determining the correct use of collateral for our customer companies.

Producing Solutions to Your Foreign Trade and Customs Questions and Problems

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we offer satisfactory solutions to your company’s questions and problems regarding foreign trade and Customs.

Foreign Trade Cost Analysis

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we provide solutions for ensuring the minimization of the costs such as order, warehouse, customs clearance, international shipping, domestic shipping and so on.

Obtaining Ministry Permits

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we carry out follow-up of labor, used machinery import permits, registration certificate.

VÖGİB | Pre-Arrival Customs Clearance Application

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we provide the customs procedures of the complete containers arriving by sea before the goods arrival at the customs territory of Turkey.

Foreign Trade and Customs Department Establishment

With the increasing business volume, your company’s departmentalization process begins. As Grant Thornton Turkey, we meet with our expert team of foreign trade experts and managers on your behalf to hire the most appropriate candidates as well as provide the necessary training to accompany them to conduct the transactions and supervise the process.

Corruption Audit in Foreign Trade and Customs Transactions

As the scale of the company grows, the acquisitions made in the field of Foreign Trade specialize. In a time-competed installation, the cost can remain secondary. Such situations specific to foreign trade carry a risk of abuse. As Grant Thornton Turkey, we are preventing possible abuses through corruption supervision.

Legal Consultancy Services

Grant Thornton as Turkey; in addition to conducting an examination for the settlement of disputes that arise during foreign trade and customs transactions, we also prepare defense and / or appeal petitions and submit legal opinions with our team of experts.

Foreign Trade and Customs Training Services

Foreign Trade Education

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we provide the following trainings within the scope of foreign trade education:

Incoterms 2020 Delivery Forms,

Payment methods and UCP600 letter of credit, the parties of letters of credit, types,

Export legislation and applications,

Import legislation and applications,

Free zones legislation and applications,

Inward processing regime applications,

Investment incentive certificate applications,

Foreign trade accounting and VAT refund applications in exports.

Necessary Trainings for Authorized Economic Operator Status

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we provide full training in foreign trade and supply chain management for the application and continuity of authorized obligation status.

Customs Consultant and Assistant Customs Consultant Training

As Grant Thornton Turkey, we provide the preparation training for the Customs Consultancy and Customs Consultant Assistant examinations which are opened every year by the Ministry of Commerce and ensure that dozens of people have documents every year.


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